Drumstick Vegetable | Export | Packaging | Availability

The Moringa commonly known as Drumstick Vegetable is native to Indian subcontinent. India is the largest producer with an annual production of 1.2 million tonnes from an area of 380 km. Almost all parts of Moringa are edible – Immature seed pods, called drumsticks, leaves, mature seeds, oil pressed from seeds, flowers and roots. TheyContinue reading “Drumstick Vegetable | Export | Packaging | Availability”

Exporting Capsicum or Bell pepper

Capsicum or Bell pepper are botanically berries but culinary vegetable like the tomato. The terms Capsicum or Bell pepper or Pepper or Sweet pepper are often use for any large bell shaped peppers, regardless of their colour. They are native to Mexico, Central America and northern South America. Varieties Of Capsicum or Bell pepper SweetContinue reading “Exporting Capsicum or Bell pepper”

Indian Tomato – Export Varieties and Packaging

In India – Tomato ranks third in priority just after Onion and Potato. However, the country ranks second in area as well as in production of tomato in the World. Tomatoes are native to South America. It is believe that the fruit came to India by way Portuguese explorers. Botanically speaking tomato is a fruit,Continue reading “Indian Tomato – Export Varieties and Packaging”

Export Quality Indian Okra | Varieties And Packaging

Indian Okra is available year-around. However, the peak period is typically in between March to July. It is finger shaped green coloured. And available either fresh or frozen. Bhindi (Okra) also knows as Ladies finger, consider as an important vegetable of the tropical countries like India, Philippines, Thailand, Africa and South America. Indian Okra VarietiesContinue reading “Export Quality Indian Okra | Varieties And Packaging”

Export Quality Indian Onions from Nashik | Tandle Imports and Exports

Due to pungency and availability round the year Indian onions are very famous. During year 2017-2018 country produced 21.4 million tonnes. As a result, India ranks as second largest onion growing country in the world. Nashik is one of the most famous onion market in the world. Onion Harvesting : The cultivation of onion isContinue reading “Export Quality Indian Onions from Nashik | Tandle Imports and Exports”



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