Import Raw Sugar Cane From The Largest Cane Producing State

Raw Sugar Cane

Cultivation of raw sugar cane dates back to the Vedic period. Sugar cane is one of the main cash crop in India. It is widely grown across the country. Nation stands 2nd by producing 18% of the world total. Therefore it provides jobs to over million people directly or indirectly. Tandle Imports and Exports situated in the State of Maharashtra. Which is one of the largest producer of raw sugar cane. State is in a superior position in terms of recovery of sugar and duration crushing period.

It is long duration crop and takes 10 to 18 months to mature. Almost 80% of raw sugar cane is used to make sugar.

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Raw Sugar cane as food :

  • The cane can be chewed to extract juice.
  • Sugar cane juice – It is extracted from cane and is nutritious. During summer, it is refreshing.
  • Syrup – Traditional sweetener in soft drinks.
  • Molasses – Cane molasses used as a sweetener and a syrup accompanying cheese or cookies.
  • Jaggery – A solid molasses. Produced by evaporating juice to make thick sludge and then cooling and moulding. Used in traditional cooking, sweets and desserts.
  • Falernum – A liquor made from sugar cane juice.
  • Rum – A popular alcoholic beverage, typically made from molasses.
  • Rock Candy – Crystallised sugar cane juice.

Sugar cane as fuel for energy production :

  • Electricity Production – 

The bagasse is usually burned to produce steam, which in turn create electricity.

  • Biogas Production – 

Using enzymes to transform bagasse into advanced biofuel and biogas.

  • Ethanol – 

One of the byproduct of sugar production. Ethanol can be a biofuel an alternative to gasoline. In coming days it can be main product of sugar cane rather than sugar.

Manufacturing Paper :

The crushed cane residue used for making paper. It is efficient way in keeping our plant green.

Health Benefits :

  • Cane juice is good source of glucose, therefore it re-hydrate the human body. So next time when you feel dehydrated in summer, drink glass of cane juice.
  • It is good of diabetic patients. Yes, event though it taste sweet and high sugar content. Because of low glycemic index which prevents rise in blood glucose levels in diabetics.
  • Cane contains Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Manganese. As a result it consider as alkaline forming food. Therefore studies shows that it plays effective role in fighting cancer.
  • It boosts protein levels in human body and keep kidney healthy.
  • The presence of antioxidants help to boost immunity as well as protects liver from infection.
  • Acts as a good digestive aid due to Potassium. It is also particularly useful in treating constipation.
  • Cane contains mineral which protects decaying of tooth and bad breath. 
  • Alpha hydroxy acid in sugar cane fights acne, reduce blemishes, ageing and lots of benefits. 

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