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The food supply chain : Tandle IMEX’s solution to five major problems

Due to consumers expectations, the food supply chain is growing faster than ever. This has expanded the supply chain geographically and across many more parties, making it larger and more complex. In India, the food sector has become high growth and profit sector. India is the 2nd largest food producer in the world. Indian food sector includes vegetables and fruits, milk and milk products, fisheries, poultry and meat, grain processing, chocolates and confectionery, plantation and alcoholic beverages.

Manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers and other parties are under pressure to get their products to the market quickly, safely and in time. That’s a main challenge

Six stages of food supply chain 

These six stages are very important, if compromised, number of problems will arise and the whole supply chain will be at risk. A typical food supply chain consist of these stages –

  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Manufacturing / Production
  • Processing and packaging
  • Storage
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Retail redistribution to end user

Let’s discuss five major problems that affect food supply chain.

Five Major Problems

Traceability : 

Nowadays, many consumers want to trace product. Hence it is important to have all data on food products and your supply chain. Sharing information at each step of the food supply chain increases food safety, brand integrity and enhances customer loyalty.

Food Sector_Tracking Food Products - Tandle Imports and Exports

To overcome this issue Tandle Imports and Exports takes help of Blockchain Technology. It is a shared digital platform. Blockchain’s advantage is that once information is added, it is distributed within the network and it becomes permanent. That’s how our team can deliver the transparency, traceability and trust.

Safety and Quality :

The common causing factors that affect the quality and safety of food products are –

  • Poor warehousing / storage 
  • Slow transportation
  • Industrial incapability
  • Bitter weather

Due to these reasons the number of food product gets recall. A recall is costly and it can damage your reputation.

Food Supply Chain - Tandle Imports and Exports
Safety and Quality Check

To get rid of such problems, Tandle Imports and Exports select the best raw material. Our team choose an accredited testing laboratory that uses current technology. Tandle IMEX also choose the right packaging materials and processes to ensure the best quality products.

We also select a trustworthy logistics with impressive record and reputation for in-time delivery.

Communication :

Lack of communication leads to fragmented information. The insufficient data can result into a major impact on the food supply chain. This problem gets more critical of traders who are operating internationally. This happens because there are many parties involved in the chain.

Food Supply Chain - Tandle Imports and Exports
Live Chat

We, at Tandle IMEX, uses latest technology and cloud based networks to communicate with each party in the chain. Any business associates or consumers can reach to us using live chat 24×7.

Food Supply Chain Costs :

A food supply chain contains many costs, few important ones include –

  • Fuel costs
  • Transportation
  • Manpower
  • New technology
Food Supply Chain - Tandle Imports and Exports
Operating Costs

Checking on operating costs is constant challenge. In simple supply chains, spreadsheet comes handy. However, in the complex supply chain, you will need a technological solution. Tandle IMEX, uses modern technology to inhibit our efficiency and growth. A technological solution can save a lot over the long run.

Controlling Inventory In Warehouses and Stores :

To control costs and maintain quality, and satisfy customers, inventory has to be carefully managed. Too much and it will spoil and go waste. Too little and you disappoint your customers.

Food Supply Chain - Tandle Imports and Exports

Tandle IMEX takes help from modern inventory management solutions to manage inventory. We enabled real-time visibility to inventory, throughout supply chain, on-site and off-site, and in-transit support RFID, IoT and other real time tracking technologies.

We also control inventory by tie stores in the supply chain. Our sophisticated network solutions can sense demand and adjust or create orders on the fly. This helps in keeping service levels high, and inventory and waste low.

The food supply chain is challenging. Whether you are working in domestic or international market, you have to ensure a high level of quality and safety for your food products. Tandle Imports and Exports focused on all core areas and deliver good results. We are rising into food sector rapidly. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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