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Each year, 72 million tons of grape is grown and export worldwide, mostly to produce wine. Every year, 7.2 trillion gallons of wine are produced.  It is also a popular finger food.

Grape cultivation is one of the most profitable farming enterprises in India. Also the country is one of the top grape exporter in the World. The fruit is grown under different type of soil and climatic conditions.

There are three climatic zones namely –

  • Sub-tropical
  • Hot tropical 
  • Mild tropical climatic regions

Nashik District is the major producer, exporter and accounting for 70% of the area under grapes.

Varieties Of Grapes

black grapes, grape export, fruit export, wine.
Black Grapes
white grape, grape export, fruit export, wine.
White Grapes
red grapes, grape export, fruit export, wine.
Red Grape

The grape are harvested and exported almost all the year around. If not all the varieties, one or more varieties are always available at any given time of the year. The varieties of grapes in India is as follows –

  • Anab-e-Shahi (White, seeded)
  • Bangalore Blue Syn. Isabella (Black, seeded)
  • Bhokri (White, seeded)
  • Flame (Red, seedless)
  • Gulabi Syn Muscat Hamburg (Purple, seeded)
  • Perlette (White, seedless)
  • Sharad – A mutant of Kishmish Chomi (Black, seedless)
  • Thomson and its mutants (White, seedless)

Grape Export Availability

Grape is cultivated over an area of 34,000 hectares with an annual production of 1,000,000 tonnes.

Here’s the video of a consignment. It’s a Thomson grapes exported to Dubai in December 2018.

Packaging for Exporting

Packaging is normally done in Corrugated or Solid Fibre board cartons. A layer of double pad or protective liner is placed at the bottom of the carton to protect the grapes from bruising and a polyethylene lining is placed over it.

Specification details for Corrugated Fibre Board (CFB) Boxes for packing (5 Kg Box ) (Dimension: 480X300X100 mm)

grape export
Source – APEDA

Storage Requirement

Facts About Grapes

  • Grapes contain the powerful antioxidants. The nutrients in the fruits may help protect against cancer, eye problems, as well as cardiovascular diseases and other health conditions.
  • The American Diabetes Association encourages people to consume grapes as long as the carbohydrate amount is counted as part of their meal plan.
  • The fruit is also a good source of fibre, potassium, and a range of vitamins and other minerals.
  • Grapes have Resveratrol that may help with Alzheimer’s disease, blood glucose control, osteoarthritis. It also boost the immune system.

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